Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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  • Written by:
    Stephen Sondheim
  • Directed by:
    Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
  • Musical Directions by:
    Roger Zahab
  • Show Times:
    Tuesdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m.
    Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.


It's theater tradition to "attend the tale of Sweeney Todd," but in the upcoming University of Pittsburgh production, Mrs. Lovett gets her due as well. "I'm interested in that this woman should have sold those razors 10 years ago, and were it not for these razors, the character of Sweeney Todd could not have been created so quickly," said Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, who is directing her first Pitt Repertory Theatre production, which opens Thursday. Read the full review »
Theo Allyn was lovably quirky as a young Carol Burnett in "Hollywood Arms" at Little Lake Theatre, and she brought a tremulous vulnerability to the performances she gave as a suspected kidnapper in "Violet Sharp" for Terra Nova Theatre Group. What then is she doing at the University of Pittsburgh as Nellie Lovett, a demented pastry baker who forms an alliance with a razor-wielding madman in Stephen Sondheim's musical thriller "Sweeney Todd"? Read the full review »
Director of Sweeney Todd, Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, appears on Theatre Talk with Sarah Ivins, one of our talent actors (and one of our bloggers too!). Read the full review »


Ashley Krysinski

(Johanna, Londoner) is ecstatic and grateful to be in her first Pitt Rep show!
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Ben Kaye

(Beadle, Londoner)is a junior Theatre Arts/English Writing major, and is thrilled to be making his Pitt Rep mainstage debut!
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Emily Gray

(Londoner, Birdseller, Swing Pirelli) is a graduating Theatre Arts major who was last seen performing in Sparagmos here at Pitt.
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Kyle Bogue

(Pirelli, Londoner) is elated to be appearing in his second Pitt Rep show, following As You Like It (First Lord).
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Laci Rise Mosley

(Londoner, Swing Beggar Woman) is a junior Business Marketing major and Theatre Arts minor at the University of Pittsburgh.
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Mary Siki

Londoner), a junior majoring in Microbiology, is thrilled to be performing in her first Pitt Rep show.
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Michael Plantz

(Londoner) received his BFA in Acting from Point Park University in 2011 and is a post-baccalaureate student at Pitt.
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Mike Magliocca

(Anthony, Londoner) is a sophomore Theatre Arts/Ecology&Evolution double major.
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Moira Quigley

(Londoner, Swing Beadle) is a senior studying Theatre Arts and Poetry.
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Richard Teaster

(Sweeney Todd) is a Lecturer in the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Music, where he teaches voice and also directs the University of Pittsburgh Men's Glee Club.
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