2014 Fall Semester Cast List

The official cast lists for Stop Kiss, Avenue Q, and Misterioso-119 are out! Thanks to everyone who came to auditions. Congratulations to all who were cast! We are looking forward to an exciting semester of shows. You can see the full cast lists below. 


Callie - Lucy Clabby
Sara - Leenie Baker
George - Kieran Peleaux
Peter - Ben McClymont
Mrs. Winsley/Nurse - Bri Ana Wagner
Det. Cole - TBA


Princeton - Alex Dittmar
Rod - Timothy Kaniecki
Kate Monster - Lauryn Thomas
Lucy T. Slut - Molly Balk
Trekkie Monster/Boy Bad Idea Bear - Jay Garcia
Nicky - Charles Kronk
Gary Coleman - Daria Sullivan
Brian - James Williamson
Christmas Eve - Chih-hsuan (Shan) Chang
Mrs. Thistletwat/Girl Bad Idea Bear - Madrid Vinarski


Ms. - Lauren Sunday
Linda - Ariane Kraiman
Golden Girl 1 - Sophia Rodriguez
Golden Girl 2 - Alexa Moore
Golden Girl 3 - Rachelmae Pulliam
Golden Girl 4 - Alathia Cambell

DON'T FORGET: Spring auditions will be December 1&2 in the Henry Heymann Theatre.