Daniel Beaty LIVE! 16 Nov 2017 O'Hara Ballroom

16 Nov 2017
O'Hara Ballroom

Actor, singer, writer, activist, and advocate of arts-based social justice education, Daniel Beaty is best know for his performance of "Knock Knock," which has received over 17 million views on YouTube.  His other work includes the one-mann play Emergency (in which he performs over 20 characters), a film about Beaty's relationship with his incarcerated father, and a collaborative project involving people affected by gangs.  Exploring criminal justice reform, and morer broadly of all these affected by trauma, Beaty's work has been acclaimed for its richness of characterization, voice, and range of emotion.  Beaty uses the tools of the arts, storytelling, and trauma recovery to rewrite the story of race and class inequity.

He has performed at venues from the Lincoln Center to the White House, and has received several NAACP awards as well as an Obie award for writing and performance.