Department of Theatre Arts Co-Sponsors "Off With Her Maidenhead" November 17

On November 17, brand new musical Off with Her Maidenhead premieres in Pitt's Studio Theatre. The project is a product of a collaboration between members of the newly formed Musical Theatre Artists of Pittsburgh (MTAP), and Pitt’s Department of Theatre Arts will be sponsoring MTAP’s first public reading of this new musical in development.

MTAP is a diverse group of Pittsburgh regional artists—playwrights, librettists, composers, songwriters, producers, performers, and musicians—at all stages of their careers. Monthly meetings allow for networking, updates on current projects, and special guest lectures. Off with Her Maidenhead is a collaboration between two MTAP members, Amy Claussen (book/lyrics) and James Rushin (music). Their tale brings to life a deliciously irreverent take on the classic Disney Princess storyline that is at times an hysterically funny romp, but also a troubling commentary on being careful what you wish for. Justine, our mute heroine, is a beautiful, ethnically ambiguous, disabled orphan who lives in a nunnery – perfect princess material. However, when her fairy godmother is unable to give Justine her happily-ever-after, she grows up quickly. Justine and her Sisters decide instead to solve their financial woes by turning their nunnery into a brothel, and in the process become the unlikely saviors of the kingdom. The dreams that you wish do come true, so be careful what you wish for.

Stacey Cabaj, lecturer in performance and musical theatre, will be taking on several roles in the reading.  She commented on the value of the partnership with MTAP: “This workshop and staged reading are timely opportunities for the Theatre Arts department and its students. First, the department has a new new commitment to musical theatre, both  through offering the Music for Theatre course every year (if not every semester), and in its intent to produce a full-length book musical every season. Second, the department is dedicated to the development of new work and collaborative partnerships with artists in the greater Pittsburgh area; last season we were proud to produce City of Asylum (a devised production), and this fall the Music for Theatre class is workshopping and doing a staged reading of Jeanne Drennan and David Berlin's new musical Dear Boy. Finally, we're always thrilled when the rehearsal room becomes an extension of the classroom, allowing our students to apply skills and knowledge from their training in Pitt Theatre Arts, and to learn from a team of gifted professionals.”

Faculty members Stacey Cabaj and Bria Walker and student Rocky Paterra will perform in Off with her Maidenhead, and student Monica Meyer is stage managing the production.

A full reading of Off with Her Maidenhead will take place on Sunday, November 17th at 7:30pm in the Studio Theatre. Admission is FREE, but seating is limited, so arrive early!

Off with her Maidenhead

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