Mid-America Theatre Conference - Michelle Granshaw

Lauryn Morgan Thomas and other undergraduate and graduate emerging scholars.

Back row: Jocelyn Buckner, Vivian Appler, David Bisaha, David Jortner, Chip Crane

Front row: Inga Meir, Meredith Conti, Michelle Granshaw


Jocelyn Buckner and Michelle Granshaw on "Problem-Solving: A Roundtable" panel.

The 38th Annual Mid-ericaa Theatre Conference is begin held in Houston, Texas from March 16-19,  2017.  The conference, HOUSTON...WE HAVE A PROBLEM

This year’s MATC Theatre History Symposium asks participants to engage with the ways theatre historians act as a “friend of the problem.” How can analyzing complications inspire us to create new ways of writing history, working in/against the archive,engaging artistic practice, and generating“methodologies of the problem” that push our thinking forward? What histories are uncovered when a “problem and possibility” mode of inquiry is engaged by theatre scholars and artists? At the same time, focusing on “the problem” is only one approach to theatre history. What is obscured, missed, or lost when a methodological bias toward problems is employed? How does the rhetoric of “the problem” continue to oppress, circumscribe, and define people who are traditionally discounted or marginalized?

As we negotiate social, political, and economic unrest, how is the study of theatre and performance well-suited
for tackling the most pressing problems of our shared world? In what ways are there generative opportunities
surrounding history’s intersections with injustice, missing voices, and erased archives? What is the labor of the
theatre historian and historiographer in the examination of history’s complications? Mediator? Problem-Solver?
Listener? What are the issues and stakes involved in this line of pseudo-activist thinking?
Michelle Granshaw, Assistant Professor and Graduate Faculty member is serving as Symposia Co-Chair.  She will be serving as Chair for the History Symposium entitled, Restaging Historiographic Dilemmas.   Michelle will also be taking part in the symposium, Problem-Solving: A Roundtable, serving on the panel with Jocelyn Buckner, past adjunct here in the department.
Other University of Pittsburgh participants at this year's MATC Theatre History Symposium include;
Keith Kirk, Vicki Hoskins, Lauryn Thomas and Elizabeth Coen, who will be presenting her paper "Hanswurst's Public: An Examination of the Ludic Power of the Stage in 18th-Century Vienna" in the History Symposium entitled Revealing Archival Omissions.