Please join us for a free theatrical reading of "runboyrun" Henry Heymann Theatre

Henry Heymann Theatre

Please join us for a free reading of the play "runboyrun" and conversation with the award-winning visiting playwright Mfoniso Udofia, Monday, April 3 at 7 in the Heymann Theatre. 

About the play: In the third installation of the Ufot Family Cycle Play set in the Nigerian civil war, a married couple, Disciple and Abasiama Ufot, have been living the exact same day over and over again for many decades. A sudden burst of frustration breaks their pattern and time suddenly rushes forward while also reeling backwards; forcing Disciple and Abasiama to finally navigate the treacherous waters of illness, memory and love. The survival of this 30-plus year marriage depends on building new vocabularies and daring, once again, to live moment by moment.

Praise for the play:

“ Downright brilliant. Mfoniso's voice is sweeping, poetic, electric and daring. Language is out of this world. And this epic story is wrenching and illuminating. I'm a true fan. ” -Donnetta Lavinia Grays, 16 Dec. 2015

“ It is the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's pleasure to recommend Mfoniso Udofia and their play "runboyrun" as a finalist for our 2015 National Playwrights Conference. The play rose through a competitive, anonymous, multileveled selection process that took nearly nine months to execute. As one of 59 finalists out of more than 1,300 submissions, it is the value of the page that has allowed this work to prosper in such a competitive selection process. Our readers responded to the powerful, poetic language and how the piece lives in both an intimate familial setting as well as a larger global conversation. ”