Stephen Foster Memorial Theatres: Highlights of the Pittsburgh Arts Scene

Just this calendar year, the two theatres in the Stephen Foster Memorial have already hosted twenty productions and events, including two national and five regional premieres.  Since 1999, the restored, historic Charity Randall Theatre and the intimate, three-quarter thrust Henry Heymann Theatre have been anchors for the Oakland arts scene, presenting theatre, music, dance, and education events throughout the year. 

“These theatres have invigorated Pitt’s undergraduate theatre program and inspired a renaissance in theatre arts in the greater Pittsburgh region by providing a first-rate venue for other theatre groups,” writes the University’s Building Our Future Together campaign, acknowledging they key role these theaters play in our regional performing arts landscape.  Chancellor Nordenberg has described them as the “crown jewel of Oakland’s Cultural Corridor.”  Read more from the campaign’s final report here.

Supported by generous contributions from foundations and individual donors, these spaces have been instrumental in the development of Pittsburgh’s next generation of performances and theater artists.

Look for a feature on the Stephen Foster theatres in the next issue of PITT magazine.  In the meantime, read more about the history of our performance spaces.

Randall Theatre

Randall Interior


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