Theatre Arts Graduate Teaching Colloquium

On October 30, 2017 the Theatre Arts Graduate Department held their semi-annual teaching colloquium.  Facilitated by Teaching Mentor Nic Barilar, this Fall’s teaching colloquium was titled “Maximizing Your Inheritance” and focused on how to adapt “inherited” syllabi. Barilar invited Dr. Joel Brady from the Slavic Languages and Literatures Department to be the quest speaker. Dr. Brady is the Program Coordinater and Teaching Consultant with the Graduate Student Teaching Initiative at the University for Teaching and Learning. The workshop was attended by graduate students in the Theatre Arts PhD and MFA programs, as well as by graduate faculty in the department.

Barilar and Dr. Brady posited a lively discussion around the following question: “How do you, as a teacher, take someone else's material to suit your specialization, strengths, and teaching style? Where do you start?” They fostered a forum style environment where students and faculty alike were able to bounce ideas back and forth and generate strategies of how to succeed in adapting inherited courses and syllabi, discuss pedagogical aims of the program, and illuminate resources of support available to university instructors. For the Spring colloquium, Barilar hopes to start an online syllabus workshop.