Welcome to our Parallel Worlds

Closing out the year...

2011-2012 proved to be a blockbuster season for Pitt Rep.  We swung into our mainstage season with a fully orchestrated production of Sweeney Todd, and subsequently broke all of our previous box office records.  Sweeney marked the beginning of a collaboration with the Music Department to produce musicals that will continue into the future.  The Gammage Project followed suit, out-performing our wildest expectations and forging a partnership with the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company.  Harvest rounded out this stellar season.  Guest artist Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson and her cast and crew created a visceral, layered production.  Our Student Lab productions were no slouches either.  From brutal to whimsical, the range and scope of these student productions challenged and delighted our audiences.

This past year was full of challenges both technical and academic, but none were more difficult than the campus-wide bomb threats during the final months of the semester.  I'm proud to say, however, that our students faced these obstacles with dignity and aplomb.  

As we say goodbye to our graduating students, we should also take a moment to congratulate our alumni (and soon-to-be alums).  Elizabeth Mozer (MFA) has been hired by SUNY Binghamton, and Kellen Hoxworth (MA) will be pursuing his PhD at Standford University.  In addition, our undergraduate alums are out in the world making theatre.  Julianne Avolio is performing at the Florida Repertory Theatre, Dan Carr is opening his second Off Broadway show, and Rachel Morris is working at the Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville.  To name but a few.

And beginning the new...

Our 2012-2013 season, Parallel Worlds, looks to be just-as (if not even more) exciting.  Allow me to give you a guided tour of the alternate realities we are preparing for your arrival.  Your itinerary begins with not one, but two trips to Elizabethan England, followed by an excursion to a midwest town as American as apple pie, and ending up back here in Pittsburgh.  Keep in mind, though, none of these destinations are quite as they appear.

The season lineup opens with Her Hamlet, a re-imagining of some of Shakespeare's most famous works as seen through the lens of a young girl, Jude.  This new piece is devised and directed by Lisa Jackson-Schebetta and Theo Allyn, of last year's blockbusting Sweeney Todd.   In November, we return to Shakespeare's London in Compleat Female Stage Beauty, a tale of scandal, theatre, and revenge.  February features Zanna Don't, a whimsical "musical fairy tale" set in a midwestern American town that's both utterly familiar and completely foreign.  Our season concludes in April with City of Asylum, an original work by theatre art's professor Cynthia Croot, devised in conjunction with the City of Asylum/Pittsburgh project which offers shelter for exiled artists.

As always, our unique student lab productions explore the outer borders of the theatrical landscape.  These edgy and entertaining works are picked, produced, and in some cases written by Pitt students.  From dark matter to haunted buildings to emotional hauntings of a completely different variety, these shows should not be missed.

Season tickets are on sale now.  

See you at the show!

Bruce McConanchie
Chair, Department of Theatre Arts