December 2011 Newsletter - Reverb

Summer and Fall Semester Work from Faculty and Graduate Students


Postdoctoral Fellow Jocelyn L. Buckner has recently published: “The Angel and the Imp: The Duncan Sisters’ Performances of Race and Gender” in Popular Entertainment Studies, 2.2 (Sept. 2011); “Diggin’ the Material: Ideological State Apparatuses, ‘Capitalizm’, and Identity in Suzan-Lori Parks’s Red Letter Plays,” in Journal of American Drama and Theatre 23.2 (Spring 2011); and a performance review of Lynn Diamond's play Harriet Jacobs at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre in Theatre Journal 63.3 (October 2011). She has also presented the following papers at recent conferences: “Sausage and Sensorial Affect in Naomi Wallace’s Slaughter City” (America Society for Theatre Research, Montreal, Canada, 2011), and “A Canonical Century: Towards a Pedagogy of Inclusion” (Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Chicago, IL, 2011). She has contributed to the Pitt Repertory 2011-12 season as a faculty advisor for Funnyhouse of a Negro and as part of the dramaturgical team for Sweeney Todd. She has also recently been appointed to the Professional Alumni Advisory Board of the Department of Theatre at the University of Kansas, and as a member of the American Theatre and Drama Society's Publication Subvention Committee.


Chip Crane's recent publications and presentations include:

Book Review: “D.J. Hopkins, Shelly Orr and Kim Solga, eds. Performance and the City.” Theatre Survey 52.2 (Fall 2011).

“The Performance Historian as Cold Case Detective: Reopening Nikolai L'vov’s Investigation of the Blue Blouse Movement.” Performing Arts Resources 28: A Tyranny of Documents: The Performance Historian as Film Noir Detective. Edited by Stephen Johnson. New York: Theatre Library Association, 2011.

“From the Worker’s Club to the Archive: Documenting the Economies of Early Soviet Popular Theatre” American Society for Theatre Research. Montreal, QC. TLA Plenary Session.

“From the Editors: Imagining the Soviet Living Newspaper Movement on the Pages of Blue Blouse.” University of Pittsburgh Center for Russian and East European Studies. Pittsburgh, PA. Lecture.

Additionally, he also served on the organization committee of and participated in Pittsburgh Russian Film Symposium 13—Other Russias/Russia’s Others: Films in and on the Margins. He alsoReceived a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship from the Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Kathy George's edited collection, Pittsburgh Noir, was released in June. In July, a new paperback edition of The Odds was released, and her newest novel, Hideout, was published in August.

Tamara Goldbogen's article "Re-Imagining a Brand" appeared in TYA Today, Vol 25, No. 2, 2011.

Kellen Hoxworth presented the following:

“Re-Colonising the Mind? Playing on ‘Universal’ Classics in Post-Apartheid South Africa.” Economies of African Performance Working Session. American Society for Theatre Research Conference. Montreal, PQ, November 2011.

“Settling Differences: Locating and Challenging the Foundational Structures of the Standard Bank National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, 1996-2010.” Emerging Voices in Theatre History: Theatre History (TH) Focus Group Debut Panel. Association for Theatre in Higher Education. Chicago, IL, August 2011.

“Looking At and Looking Through: The Prismatic Body of Anna Deavere Smith.” Panel: Anna Deveare Smith. Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium. Philadelphia, PA, March 2011.

Lisa Jackson-Schebetta's recent work includes:

"Repertoires of the Asturian Diaspora: The Latin Unit's Production of 'Eso no puede ocurrir aquí' in Ybor City." New England Theatre Journal, December 2011.

"Air Raid Dramas and International Ethical Responsibility in America, 1936-1939." Theatre History Studies. Volume 32, 2012.

ASTR 2011 Working Group: Performance and the Economy of Global Topographies: Ascription, Value and the Body. Co-convener.

Bruce McConachie was given the American Society for Theatre Research Distinguished Scholar Award at its recent conference in Montreal. Given for lifetime achievement, the award recognized the valuable work and service that Bruce has performed for the field. 

Dave Peterson played King Lear in the Oakland Shakespeare Company's summer production. In the fall he directed the North American premier of Finegan Kruckemeyer's "This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing." He presented his paper "Performing Shakespeare’s Clowns: Reevaluating Realism" at the Popular Culture Association of Canada Conference in May, and in November shared his paper "Priscilla Horton and King Lear: The Reemergence and Gendering of the Fool" at the Shakespeare Performance Working Group at the American Society for Theatre Research.

David Wright has served as the Arts & Science Departmental Teaching Mentor, President of The Eleonora Duse Society, and Representative to the Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Organization. He has presented his research at Puppetry and Post-dramatic Performance: An International Conference on Performing Objects in the 21st Century and The American Association for Italian Studies, and has served as the Production Manager for the department's production of Sweeney Todd.

We would also like to acknowledge the great work done by our actors who were recognized by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival:

Certificate of Merit for the Ensemble (Moira Quigley, Emily Gray, Laci Mosley, Mary Siki, Sarah Ivins, Kyle Bogue, Michael Plantz, Rocky Paterra, Ashley Krysinski, Tara Velan, Michael Miaglocci, Ben Kaye)

Certificate of Merit, Stage Management: Ben Coppola

Certificate of Merit, Music Direction: Roger Zahab

Irene Ryan Nominees: Ashley Krysinski, Ben Kaye Irene Ryan Alternate: Michael Miaglocci

Student Design, Dramaturgs and Stage Manager Entrants: Dan Carr, Ben Coppola