Kristin O'Malley - PhD Student




MA, Theatre Education, The Catholic University of America

BA, Drama, Franciscan University of Steubenville


Kristin O’Malley is a second-year PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on relationship between theatre and Catholicism in the 20th and 21st century; she is particularly interested in the participation of priests in the theatre. Additional research interests include intersections of religion and theatre in general, modern American and European theatre, and theatre education and integration in elementary and high school classrooms. Kristin is also a director, and this semester, she directed The Bay at Nice as part of the UP Stages season. At the University of Pittsburgh, Kristin has taught Introduction to Performance and served as TA for Theatre and Collaboration and Enjoying Performances. This spring, she will be teaching Enjoying Performances.

Prior to coming to Pittsburgh, Kristin was a full-time middle school teacher, focused on employing theatre integration techniques in her classroom to create a kinesthetic-oriented classroom. Kristin also worked as a teaching artist in other school settings, using theatre integration to enhance vocabulary and reading comprehension skills of 3rd & 4th grade students who were identified as reading significantly below grade level. Beyond her work in the classroom, Kristin served as the facilitator and director of the middle school Shakespeare Club as well as co-director and costume designer for the annual musical performed by the Drama Club. Beyond her work in the school setting, she also created and led theatre programs for summer camps, directed for local children’s theatre, and was involved in acting and costume design for her local community theatre.


“Equivocation: Questioning the Portrayal of Truth or Purporting the Truth”. Theatre History Symposium, Mid-Atlantic Theatre Conference, March 2015.

“For the Greater Good: Romance and Responsibility in Young Adult Dystopian Literature.” Novels, Then and Now, Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association, October 2015.

Creative Publications

Words. New York: Brooklyn Publishers, 2013. 10 Minute One-Act Play.