THEA 1392-28342 Special Topics in Performance: Storytelling

Special Topics in Performance: Storytelling

Actor as Storyteller is a course designed for beginning actors. In this course, students will
develop acting/performance skills by employing techniques that include: mask work, vocal
acting, physical interplay, puppetry, pantomime, and spoken-word poetry. Through the use of
devising theatre methods, students will write and craft original solo and group projects. Students
will learn how to synthesize the physical, vocal, intellectual/Imaginative and emotional elements
of their instrument as actors therefore enhancing their storytelling skills as performance artists.
They will work in a collaborative environment that will: 1.Support them in discovering their
own unique creative voice as an Artist and 2. Provide them with the skills necessary to create
and perform works that reflect their unique artistic aesthetic.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Performance or an equivalent introductory performance course.


Spring 2018 (2184)

THEA 1245-30266


3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Richard E. Rauh Studio Theatre

Instructor: Teisha Duncan