Lauryn Morgan Thomas speaks about her experiences in theatre and at Pitt. [body]
Vicki Hoskins is a fourth-year Theatre and Performance Studies PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh. This means she has had a very busy year teaching, completing her comprehensive exams and currently, working toward the defense of her dissertation prospectus. [body]
Lauryn Morgan Thomas has been selected as an Emerging Scholar for the Mid-America Theatre Conference (a national theatre conference) for her paper on children and mystery plays. The paper grew out of summer field and archival research, which was supported by an OUR grant. She has been invited to present her paper at the March conference in Houston. [body]
A new peak at the opening performance of "Aquarius" from UPStages' upcoming production of Hair. [body]
University of Pittsburgh Stages' early Fall Semester announcements and events! [body]
The Post-Gazette has run an in-depth discussion of tomorrow's reading: "TAPE is making its campus debut after eliciting discussion in military settings...'to wake us up and also bring us together.'" [body]
Three of the seven Baranger Awards went to Theatre Arts graduate students this year [body]
In this series, graduate alumni share their thoughts on life as a graduate student and theatre artist at Pitt. [body]