About Theatre Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts offers over twenty years of experience training students in both the practical and academic aspects of live theatre. Students reap the benefits of a large liberal-arts campus, situated within Pittsburgh's vibrant arts community.

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A 2016 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh's Theatre Pedagogy MFA program, Julian Stetkevych talked with us about his journey to Pitt and what lies beyond.
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Diego Villada, a third-year PhD student in Theatre and Performance Studies and a K. Leroy Irvis Fellow, speaks to us about teaching, fight direction, and "understanding, unpacking and making arguments related to theater or performance with a high level of reflexivity."
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University of Pittsburgh undergrad Joseph Spinogatti discusses his exciting opportunity for practical theatre work and academic research assisting Broadway video designer Finn Ross on a theatrical production of "American Psycho."
Diego Villada's paper, "Heartwarming Stories Make Refugees the Object of Spectacle," is among those to win the 2016 Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Grad Expo.