Support of our Trans Community - March 2022

Support for Our Trans Community- March 22, 2022


The Department of Theatre Arts is deeply disturbed by Pitt’s decision to host a series of upcoming events that seek to dehumanize our trans students, faculty, staff, community members, friends, and family. As educators, we are committed to free speech.

Despite our university administration’s insistence to the contrary, we stand firm in our conviction that these events are not part of the open intellectual exchange vital to university life.

We understand these events for what they are: hate speech that threatens trans people’s ability to live, learn, work, and dream on our campus. Trans members of our community in and beyond Pitt do not need to earn their right to exist. This is not up for debate.

A petition to cancel the March speakers hosted by Turning Point USA can be found here. 

For those seeking resources, trans and gender diverse people can access free drop-in virtual group therapy sessions through the Open Space Counseling Center

More information about local trans support organizations can be found here


Yours in solidarity and hope, 

Theatre Arts Faculty