THEA 0825 Contemporary Global Stages

THEA 0825: Contemporary Global Stages

During Spring 2016, we will focus on performances of music drama and musical theatre. A chief component of this course is to destabilize the narrative that the musical is a chiefly “American” product. By examining comparable forms on a global scale, we will re-define how the musical creates meanings for different cultures. Throughout the course, we will examine music drama across several different geographies, including China, Africa, Cuba, Korea, and India, paying close attention to interconnections between countries, transnational collaborations, and cultural transmissions. While the main goal of this course is to gain an appreciation for performances of music drama outside of our conventional definition of “musical,” we will also explore how other countries have interpreted and adapted the Western musical form in recent years.

Global Stages fulfills a Global Requirement as well as a Hist/Lit/Crit elective for Theatre Majors and Minors. 

Instructor(s): Vicki Hoskins

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: None