Contemporary Global Stages

This course is an introduction to the analysis of global performance in written, aural, and live forms across multiple geographies. In Contemporary Global Stages: Performing Empire(s) we will explore how empires have been performed as well as how empires, themselves, perform. What do empire and imperialism mean in our contemporary, global age? How do empires manifest in and/or through performance? Throughout the course we will examine performances from countries around the world, including Ireland, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Iraq, and the Philippines among others. The kinds of performances we will analyze include theatre, film, performance art, video games, advertisements, and food. We will also study political performances, such as military parades and their transmission via digital media, and possible state abuses of power. Using both historical and theoretical lenses, we will investigate the ways different communities respond to and critique empire and its legacies, and question the relationship between empire and the global through performance.

Fall 2018 (2191)

THEA 0825-29276

Tuesday and Thursday

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

CL 1601

Number of Credits