Advance Theory and Methodology: Critical Disability Studies

Disability studies and performance studies share numerous theoretical and methodological commitments. Both fields engage questions of embodiment, representation, temporality, infrastructure, and worldmaking. Despite these convivialities, theatre and performance scholars have yet to become fully attuned to disability studies’ critical insights. This course will survey prevailing currents in critical disability studies with attention to the affordances of disability lines of analysis and crip critique for performance research and allied fields of inquiry. We will give particular emphasis to recent developments in Black, trans, and queer disability studies. Potential authors include Dennis Tyler, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Arseli Dokumaci, Ryan Lee Cartwright, Hershini Bhana Young, and Julie Avril Minich. Previous engagement with performance studies or disability studies is neither presumed nor required.

Fall 2023 (2241)

THEA 2216-30981

3 - 5:30 PM
CL 1627


Number of Credits