Theories of Theatre and Drama: Mobility and Performance

This seminar explores the premise that we cannot understand culture and society unless we understand how power systems intersect with the meanings ascribed to bodies through their movement. This course brings together recent scholarship from Theatre and Performance Studies, Dance Studies, Cultural Geography, Sociology, Black Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Anthropology to examine mobility and how it can serve as a historiographical and methodological approach to performance and culture. We will explore mobility's relation to systems of power and performance's role in constructing and perpetuating the various meanings of movement. Building on previous Theatre and Performance Studies scholarship, how can mobility serve not only as a site of study, but also a methodology for historical and contemporary cultural analysis? How do scholars need to think and imagine differently in order to write about movement and its meanings? In what ways is mobility a critical component in understanding and analyzing gender, race, class, and sexuality? What role does mobility play in the identities, oppression, and resistance of minoritarian groups? Throughout the semester, we will explore a range of mobilities from stage performance to migration, travel, digital movement, and mental roaming among others.

Fall 2022 (2304)


THEA 2202- 30093


3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
CL 1627

Number of Credits