Theories of Theatre and Drama:Activism and Performance

Activism and Performance examines the role of performance in activist actions and movements, with a particular focus on activism related to social justice. On local, national, and global levels, we will examine how performance and activism operate in relation to political and cultural movements as well as within the arts and theatrical communities. Drawing on Black, feminist, queer, and performance studies, we will investigate historiographies, theories, and methodologies shaping interdisciplinary conversations and performance practices. We also will explore and question how to research and write about activism and performance in our current moment. We will read scholars including Christine L. Garlough, Julius Fleming, Marcela A. Fuentes, D. Soyini Madison, Sara Warner, and Hongwei Bao. 

Fall 2023 (2241)

THEA 2202- 28450


3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
CL 1627

Number of Credits