Graduate Spotlight - Sean Cook

This is Sean Cook's (MFA student)  first year here at Pitt, but he got busy fast!

Sean worked with fellow graduate students, Courtney Colligan and Emma Squire to devise and perform in the Archive Theatre Project on "Salk: The Man Behind the Vaccine".

He is currently serving as the Vice President of Communications of DUSE for 2019-2020.

In the theatre, he is working as the assistant director for UP Stages production of Flyin' West with duties that include individual actor coaching, scene coaching, and leading actors in warm-ups.

Sean is also producing the promotional video for Professor Cynthia Croot’s devised piece, Recoil. The video will air during the ACC Conference as Pitt takes on Virginia Tech in Pittsburgh on February 15, 2019.  It will air again at the Smithsonian this spring where the production has been invited to perform.

Has been accepted to study at the Michael Chekhov Association International Workshop where he will be participating as an actor for the first week and as a teacher for the second. His goal is to achieve his Teaching Certificate from MICHA before 2021.

Additionally, he will study for a week in Boise, ID this summer at a SITI sponsored workshop to deepen his awareness of Viewpoints. 

Since he’s moved to Pittsburgh he has created relationships with the regional SAG-AFTRA office and procured a SAG-AFTRA franchised agent for all regional work. 

Congratulations, Sean!