The Alexander Technique

"The Alexander Technique is a systematic and practical method for improving movement through kinesthesia (sense of sensing yourself), body mapping (applying anatomy to your movement), and principles of movement.  With kinesthesia, if you sense yourself completely, your size, shape and muscular effort, you will use your body in a more natural way, utilizing large muscles and moving at appropriate joints.  With body mapping, if you use skeletons and pictures of muscles to identify the actual location of your critical joints and muscles, you will move with more freedom and ease.  In movement, there are better choices, for example, learning to access large joints such as your hip joints will keep you from bending inappropriately at your spine, preventing strain and discomfort in your back.  Alexander uses a process to inhibit your habits, so when you consciously free your neck muscles, your head will move up off your spine, allowing your spine to lengthen sequentially throughout your torso, opening the joints and freely engaging the muscles of your arms and legs.  This flowing sequence will precede your movements to make them easier and more comfortable.  The teacher uses a light hands-on touch to help you sense while you discover your body’s true map and learn to move with lightness.

Actors gain charisma.  Musicians gain depth of tone.  Dancers gain balance.  Athletes gain coordination.  Sitting at your computer is more comfortable.  Pain, stress, and stage fright is reduced.  Movement gains range of motion and poise.  You gain energy and mental clarity."

Fall 2019 (2201)

THEA 0115-28878

Tuesday and Thursday

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

423 Bellefield Hall

Instructor: Barbara Hois

Number of Credits