Costume Production and Technology

This course is a production-oriented studio course involving the processes and skills utilized in the realization of theatrical costumes. the student will develop an understanding of the costume production process in addition to acquiring the skills necessary in the aid of the construction and completion of theatrical costumes. The student will learn basic hand sewn stiches and fasteners, proper use and operation of the sewing machinery. The student will also learn basic functions of the personnel in the costume shop, health and safety, fabric and textiles, draping, commerical and drafted pattering and costume finishing. Lectures, demonstartions and projects will suppliement work done in class. Practical experience is obtained through lab hours which are obtained by working outside of class time in the costume shop on departmental theatrical productions (30 hours) or get involved backstage on the wardrobe run crew. These experiences provide the students opportunities to practice skills learned in the classroom.

Fall 2024 (2251)


9:30 - 10:45 AM
CL B74

Number of Credits