Introduction to Performance

This course is designed to develop the students’ awareness of the actor’s process and to foster a general sense of theatre as an area of human endeavor.  Students will be introduced to basic communication skills, including physical and vocal presence in front of an audience. The course will also develop an introductory level of acting skill through the use of regular warm-ups, theater games, improvisation, and simple scene study. The class will culminate in the performance of a final scene. Scenes will be selected from a diverse range of playwrights and students will examine the political, cultural and social context of each play. The course will also provide an introduction to basic theater terminology and foster the ability to respond to and reflect on theatrical performances. Each student is required to purchase a semester pass and attend all UPStages productions.

If you have taken an introductory level acting course or private acting lessons prior to attending Pitt, you may be eligible to audition out of Introduction to Performance and transfer directly into Acting 1.  In order to schedule an audition/interview with the interim Head of Performance, Rebecca Toth, please email her and fill out an application via  this Google Forms: Auditioning Out    If applicable, please email her a headshot and/or resume.  Students should complete this process before the add/drop period ends. 


Please check course scheduling for days and times of these classes. There are mulitiple sections and instructors listed on the schedule.


Number of Credits