Seminar in Theatre Arts: Dramaturgy

The practice of dramaturgy necessitates knowledge of all aspects of the theatre: performance, design/tech, and hist/lit/crit. This spring, we will learn about dramaturgy and its integral role in the production process as well as practice dramaturgy through writing and practical assignments. How can you use the skills you have developed and practiced during your time at Pitt to be better dramaturgs? What ideas, skills, and tools can you learn from dramaturgical practice that would help you strengthen your work as performers, designers, and scholars?

This is a writing intensive class. Throughout the semester, we will focus on several different types of writing that are critical to dramaturgy: script analysis for production, presenting research to directors, actors, and designers, and writing for and communicating with the public and broader community about productions.

Spring 2023 (2234)

THEA 1903-31048

Tuesday and Thursday
3:00 PM  -4:15 PM
CL B20


Number of Credits