Stage Makeup

This course will offer the student a practical guide to the theory and practice of theatrical makeup and design.  The student will learn how to conduct conceptual research, attain a basic skill level in stage makeup application and color selection.  Using the student's own face as a canvas, this course will familiarize students with fundamental makeup techniques, equipment, and materials.  Through a combination of reading assignments, lectures, supervised demonstrations and practice sessions students will explore the relationship between the theatrical makeup designer, performer and character development thru stage makeup.  The course will also introduce the student to entry level specialty/special FX makeup techniques and skills.  Professional Makeup kit and textbook are required for this course.


Fall 2019 (2201)

THEA 1245-30428

Tuesday / Thursday

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

CL B20

Instructor: Karen Gilmer

Number of Credits