Theatre and Collaboration

Many performances don't begin with a playscript. They can be inspired by a sound, a gesture, a photograph, a shaft of light on the floor, a news story, a song. Devised Theater (the main subject of this course) engages novel points of genesis in the theatrical process. Students will work together to discover collaborative tools and techniques to build original work. Emphasis is placed on visualization, research, conceptualization, story development, audience, purpose, and performance. Each participant will train in Viewpoints: an approach to improvised movement and composition that cultivates ensemble, while empowering each person to contribute their unique voice. Through this course, you will learn collaborative problem-solving and teamwork techniques applicable across the disciplines. Students will explore a rich body of devised theatre, performance, and installation created by artists from diverse perspectives, identities, histories, and abilities.  The semester culminates in a live performance of an original piece devised by the class.


Fall 2022 (2301)

THEA 0804-31118

3:00 PM - 4:50 PM
Henry Heymann Theatre




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