History of SITS

A Brief History of SITS


The University of Pittsburgh's Department of Theatre Arts produced the popular Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival (TRSF) from 1980-1995, founded by the academic chair, Dr. Attillio "Buck" Favorini.


Under the umbrella of TRSF programming, the Theatre Arts Department inaugurated Shakespeare-in-the-Schools with a high-school field-trip matinee series. The series, aimed at secondary students, combined attendance at a live performance of Shakespeare with performances and workshops in the classroom. The Matinee Series remained highly popular throughout the life of the Festival, at its height serving more than 6,000 students during two weeks of sold-out performances.


Shakespeare-in-the-Schools added a touring component, reaching thousands of young people each year. Presented by small casts of professional actors using creative scenery and costumes, the SITS tour features specially adapted versions of the classics, new plays, and shortened adaptations of major plays from the Shakespearean canon.


 When the Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival closed its doors in 1995, the Shakespeare-in-the-Schools program continued as a sponsored project of the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Theatre Arts.


Tamara Goldbogen, a specialist in Theatre for Youth, arrived on board the SITS team to steer the program in new and exciting adventures!