Message from the Chair

The Year of Diversity

The Theatre Arts Department in this, the University's Year of Diversity, is proud to celebrate the diversity of our program, our campus, and our students.  We look forward to telling stories that represent a wide spectrum of thought and experience.

In the Department of Theatre Arts, diversity and inclusion are the foundation upon which we build each year.  The University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts Department makes diversity in our classrooms and productions a priority.  As stated in our mission statement "We have structured the season selection process to ensure that our production choices are focused on the department's pedagogical goals of giving practice in the history of performance and drama as well as promoting our goals of diversity, inclusion and principles of equal opportunity for all who research, study, and work on departmental productions."

Please join us for a seaon of diverse stories told by an open and inclusive community of professional and future artists.

Each of these productions present unique opportunities for our students and our audiences to explore and broaden their everyday life, and experience the wonderful breadth humanity has to offer.  I hope that you will travel with us on this journey, either on stage, backstage, or in teh seats as a member of our audience.

At the University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts Department, we are proud to be teaching the next generation of theatre artists, scholars, and citizens.  We hope that you will join us, not only in an evening of great entertainment, but also in the encouragement of our talented students.

Annmarie Duggan

Chair, Department of Theatre Arts