Pitt Alum David Wright Combines Innovation and Artistry

Dr. David Wright, who is a recent graduate of the Theatre and Performance Studies Doctoral program, is a theatre scholar, instructor, project manager, and entrepreneur. He has a passion for emerging technology design and its connection to interactive group dynamics. He incorporates his theatrical background and education in the ways he conceives of software development; his most recent work focuses on the connections between user/audience and live media/performance environment. His own interactive innovation, Nymbus, will enable musicians to create live music concerts with their audiences through smartphones.

David was recently asked to collaborate with the Director of Education and Outreach at Pitt’s Innovation Institute. According to their website, the Institute, which was launched in 2013, fosters innovation and entrepreneurship on campus through encouraging “a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at Pitt among faculty, staff, and students.” Among the many programs that the Institute provides is its Randall Family Big Idea competition, which is the largest business plan competition in the region. The Randall Family Big Idea awards $100,000 in prizes every year to several new startup companies from Pitt—this kind of prize money is a significant boost for any fledgling company. Just this year, David’s innovative Nymbus won the second place prize of $15,000!

David will also be attending next year’s Big Idea competition. This time, he will be showcasing the talents of some of our undergraduate Theatre Arts students. Demonstrating the connection between artistry and innovation, David will be bringing some lighting students on-board for his project. These students will work with David to create atmospheric lighting during the Big Idea competition award showcase that will synchronize with the lighting effects created through Nymbus.

The event, which will occur in April of 2016, promises to be a large gala with over 500 people in attendance coming from all over the Pittsburgh region.

Congratulations to our alum David Wright and any fortunate undergraduate students who are able to participate in such a fun experience!