LAB 1: Bethany and The Author's Voice

Show Information

Written by:

Bethany - written by Laura Marks
The Author's Voice - written by Richard Greenberg

Directed by:

Bethany - directed by Kelly Hadfield
The Author's Voice - directed by Bradley Keller


Wednesday, October 3, 2018 to Sunday, October 7, 2018

Show Times:

Wednesday through Saturday - 8:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM


The Richard E. Rauh Studio Theatre
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"Bethany" At the height of the foreclosure crisis, single mother Crystal loses more than her house. She struggles to stay positive, though—with plenty of help from a roommate with conspiracy theories, a motivational speaker with a secret and her colleagues at the local Saturn dealership. But optimism is no match for a bad economy, and before long Crystal's desperate quest to regain what she’s lost turns into the fight of her life. This darkly comic thriller explores just how far we'll go to get back what's ours.

"The Author's Voice" Smitten with her latest protege, a handsome young writer with a "special voice," a pretty editor accompanies him back to his apartment—the better to see from whence his inspiration springs, and also to toast their new creative partnership. But while she is captivated by the writer's good looks and laid-back, low-key manner, she begins, increasingly, to wonder (to the audience) at the emptiness—even banality—of his conversation. In fact the only time he isn't boring is when he is quoting poetic passages from his novel in progress. The reason is soon apparent: the real author is a poor misshapen, Quasimodo-like creature whose physical ugliness has forced him to remain closeted, while his literary brilliance is credited to another (whose main contribution is, in fact, his striking jacket photograph). The revelation of this "Beauty and the Beast" phenomenon is, as might be expected in the cynical publishing business, received with more diffidence than dismay but, thanks to some clever and very funny twists and turns of plot, everyone does, in the end, get exactly what he or she deserves.