SITS - Plant Girl

Show Information

Written by:

Wesley Middleton

Directed by:

Tamara Goldbogen


Saturday, April 4, 2009 to Sunday, April 5, 2009

Show Times:

10:00 AM


The Henry Heymann Theatre

Little Girl has recently moved from Heretown to Thereville. She loves books and tomatoes and desperately wants people to like her. Bossy Best Friend is her new best  friend. Bossy Best Friend is older, richer, and girlier than Little Girl. When Bossy Best Friend leaves for her summer vacation, Little Girl is left behind to care for her ailing tomato plant. With a gentle hand, Little Girl manages to revive the scrawny plant until it takes on a life of its own--Tomato Plant Girl is born! Literally rising from the earth, Tomato Plant Girl teaches Little Girl about friendship and soon Little Girl learns a valuable lesson about bullying, real friendship and the power of making her own rules.

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