Rachel Nolen- Service Award Recipient

Rachel Nolen has been awarded the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Studetn Service Award.

This award recognizes the extraordinary impact seniors have on the success of their peers, the Dietrich School, and the broader community. Recipients will receive a $500 award

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Undergraduate student enrolled in the Dietrich School who has excelled in School-based peer/leadership positions and/or demonstrated innovative leadership within the School or broader community;
  • Will graduate with a Bachelors' degree in December 2022, April 2023, or August 2023;
  • Good academic standing (2.0 GPA);
  • Nominations accepted from supervisors or mentors

Rachel was nominated for this award by the Department of Theatre Arts Theatrical Production Director Ashley Martin.

In Ms. Martin's letter she spoke of Rachel's tenure as the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Theatre Arts Academic Fountation: Inside the Theatre.

"Her positivity and respectful countenance helped support three sets of incoming first year students acclimate, engage, and thrive in all that the course had to offer. She helped students adapt to taking buses,attended theatre performances at City Theatre and the Pittsburgh Public Theater with them, took trips to Phipps and supported dinners around Oakland to help them learn the community.

As a part of her work as a UTA for this course, Rachel also taught lessons on presentation preparation, academic communication, and studying resources. Her strengths as a presenter are clear in her thoughtful consideration both the pre-knowledge and learning needs of her group, and in her preparation to respond to questions or take notes to follow up additional information after class."

Rachel's leadership and involvement withing the department is evident by the number of theatrerical production roles she has taken on. Scenic Designer Gianni Downs summed up Rachel's involvement, “She seems to be everywhere: I've
taught her in my traditional classes, coached her in shop hours for her major requirements, mentored her as an advisor, and worked side-by-side with her in many departmental productions.”

Rachel attended the Meet and Greet Reception with Dean Kathleen Blee and Associate Dean John Twyning on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

In her statement of acceptance, Rachel expressed her appreciation.

"I want to thank the theatre department for supporting me and being a driving force in my success throughout my time at Pitt. I also want to thank Ashley Martin, who nominated me for the award, for being a phenomenal mentor and key to my achievements."

Rachel Nolen 2023 Student Service Award Recipient
Associate Dean John Twyning and Rachel Nolen
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