Ruckus is the University of Pittsburgh’s only improvisational comedy troupe! As one of Pitt’s major comedy-related clubs, Ruckus hosts weekly shows in G24 in the Cathedral of Learning and shows outside the University at professional comedy clubs. Often times we collaborate with other performance clubs, and even participate in events held by different organization’s throughout the city.

Founded in 2013, Ruckus is devoted to improving its members' comedic and performance skills and saving the world one joke at a time.


2024-2025 Ruckus Board Officers

President- Jim Karas
Vice President- Sam Shao
Business/Finance Manager - Maitreyi Naikwadi
Secretary- Doron Loewenberg
Social Chair/Social Media- Nina Southern and Jojo Ellis
Faculty Advisor - Kelly Trumbull


Contact Information:
Instagram: ruckus_improv