Sophia Kosowsky

Sophia Kosowsky (BA) is a theatre arts major.

What are you studying at Pitt?
I am a double major pursing degrees in Theatre Arts and Geology with a minor in Computer Science. My focus in theatre is technical direction and carpentry.

How do you see your theatre education contributing to your future goals?
My theatre education is so much more than learning how to use a table saw or making a budget for a show. I have learned how to communicate with people in a way that I haven't learned in any other department or class at Pitt. Whatever I end up doing, my strong communication skills will be incredibly valuable.

Is there a research opportunity, production, internship, class, etc. that has been instrumental to your time at Pitt or in helping you form your post-graduation goals?
The second semester of my sophomore year I technical directed the grant funded production of On Trial. It was the first show I ever technical directed and it was very much a trial by fire, but that was exactly what I needed at that moment. I learned more than I ever could from a class or a book. It was after working on On Trial that I realized the possibility of being a professional technical director. Since then, I have technical directed several main stage productions at Pitt,
and this summer I will be working as the assistant technical director for the Berkshire Theatre Group.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?
I love problem solving and creating, and I know whatever I choose to do after graduation will have elements of both. Technical direction encompasses those two ideas in a really nice way. Most of the job is about problem solving, whether that's with actual pieces of scenery or in a meeting coming up with ideas, but then I also get to create an entire set! It's very rewarding at the end when the show comes together.

What do you enjoy doing outside of academics?
I've always wanted to answer with question with "cooking", but that is simply not correct. I really like board games and I also play on the Ultimate Frisbee team here at Pitt.

Is there something you would like to share that you wish we asked you about?
Fun fact! I have an identical twin sister who also goes to Pitt (studying ecology/evolution and environmental science), which has resulted in some pretty hilarious encounters á la The Comedy of Errors.