Ty'Mariya Moss

Ty'Mariya Moss is a theatre arts minor.

What are you studying at Pitt?
I’m a Social Work major, Theater minor, and American Sign Language certificate student.
How do you see your theatre education contributing to your future goals?
As a cross-disciplined artist I desire to use theatre arts to create healing spaces for at risk youth and individuals dealing with trauma. My theatre education at Pitt has allowed me to explore various ends of theatre arts from acting, to stage management, to directing and I’ve loved every moment of it. I can see the well-rounded artist and social worker that my time in the department is making me. I intend to continue learning, growing, and daring to cross new or uncharted waters. With my theatre education, I imagine that one day I’ll be able to bring theatre to communities that aren’t often given a platform, tools, or resources. I believe with those communities I’ll make art in a way that gives communities freedom of expression, freedom to escape, freedom to fall, freedom to soar, freedom to create and freedom to explore all that the stage has to offer.
Is there a research opportunity, production, internship, class, etc. that has been instrumental to your time at Pitt or in helping you form your post-graduation goals?
It’s hard to pin-point one particular experience or opportunity that help me form my post-graduation goals. My post-grad plans haven’t always been clear, and in some ways they still aren’t, but every experience I step into brings me more clarity, new ideas, and excitement. Most of my experiences at Pitt have been through Pitt Stages and the theatre clubs. Through my connection with USITT at Pitt, I worked at Glimmerglass Festival this past summer and recently had the honor of directing my first full length piece with Pitt’s Musical Theatre Club. Those experiences boosted my confidence and excitement for whatever post-grad brings my way as an artist. It pushed me to dream boldly and work hard for the things that I want. Most importantly, these experiences validated my desire to work as a cross-disciplined artist.
What do you hope to do when you graduate?
When I graduate with my bachelors degree, I’d like to continue at Pitt for my masters in Social Work. I hope to be on a clinical social work track and to continue learning how I can bring theatre to healing spaces as a therapeutic tool and activity. I also hope to continue my studies in ASL and to continue working with Pitt Stages.