Where Are They Now?

Catch up with some of our alumni...

Mark Rapach    
Class of 2002    
Major: Theatre Arts        
University of Maryland - Technical Director          
"I developed a great carpentry skill base and the ability to solve problems while at Pitt.”
Brit Brennan     
Class of 2004
Major: Theatre                 
Universal Creative - Show Producer
“It opened my eyes to all of the possibilities :)”
Darcy Prevost   
Class of 2005    
Major: Theater Arts/ Architectural Studies           
Jim Henson Studios - Production Designer
“I started on my journey of becoming a set designer while in my Intro Design class at pitt. This then led to a professional internship and then graduate school before entering the world of television out here in Hollywood.”
Alaina Salks       
Class of 2006    
Major: Theatre Arts (BA)
The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, and Alaina Salks: Authentic Tantra Educator - Owner 
"I am a teacher and often teach front of large groups. My theater training has helped me to feel comfortable in this setting. Additionally, theater arts has helped me gain an understanding of working in a team environment and directing others, which is helpful for running retreats.”
Kimberly Boulton           
Class of 2006    
Major: Theatre 
KidStage and Arts in the Open - VP of Operations for KidStage & Founder/Managing Director for Arts in the Open               
"I had an amazing experience in my four years at Pitt. The friends I made, teachers I had and experience both onstage and off helped me to find a career directing children onstage and starting my own theatre company in Colorado. I wouldn’t have traded those years for anything in the world.”

Andrea Gordon
Class of 2007
Major: Theatre Arts, Spanish    
Ol 2 Nu - Self-employed Wood Worker  
"Gave me a solid foundation for design and arts”
Peter Fedyshin
Class of 2007    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine - MD4 Student     
"Theater education provided unique insight into human interaction, cognitive process, and empathy.  All of these have direct application in healthcare, and have supported me in facilitating positive outcomes for my patients.”
Tanaz Walendziewicz   
Class of 2007    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre - Director of Marketing and Communications
“Without my general and all around knowledge of theatre both back stage and on I would not be where I am today. The guidance I received shaped me into what I was most passionate about, administration side of a theatre.”

Grant Scavello
Class of  2008                          
Major: Theater Arts/Political Science      
United States Environmental Protection Agency - Physical Scientist               
"Pitt stages made me a confident public speaker, problem solver, and independent thinker. Though my job is not directly related to theater arts, I am constantly using skills I learned while earning my degree to help better my decision making and produce better results. This is a direct result of the many long hours and diverse learnings I had while earning my degree at Pitt. My love of the arts endures!”
Steward Savage               
Class of 2008
Major: Theatre Arts and Art History         
Carnegie Theatre Co. - Director of Theatre Arts and Artistic Director         
“Pitt Stages gave me the foundation to build all of my professional experiences on. It taught me to love my talents, the arts, the people around me and to share my love of being a creative and lifelong learner. Feeling like a misfit toy, in a world filled with similarities, Pitt Stages gave me the confidence to believe that I could create art and the tools to accomplish it. I currently am the Director of Theatre Arts and the Fine Arts Chair at a Top Ten nationally ranked public high school. We create art every day and I pass along the tools that Pitt Stages equipped me with to my students. Our work has been seen on international stages and we have created a program that is held in high regard on a national level, all of that is thanks to what Pitt Stages taught me as a member of the panther family.”
Joel Ambrose   
Class of 2008    
Major: Theatre Arts and Communications                            
City Theatre Company - Director of Ticketing and Patron Services              
“Through my training at PittRep in all aspects of the theatre, I have a full appreciation for every person and their position and what they do to create a work of theatre. From the director to the run crew, from the playwright to the sound engineer. It is only through the collaboration of all of the artists involved can we create live theatre.”

Adrian Rooney
Class of 2008                        
Major:  Theatre
The embassy of Canada in Washington DC - Manager technical events          
"It gave me a foundation to build from so that I was able to branch out.”
Catherine Costanzo       
Class of 2008    
Major:Theatre Arts and English Writing 
Seattle Opera - Stage Manager              
"Pitt gave me a great foundation to build my career on and the confidence to go after a career in theatre.”
Kate Mickere    
Class of 2009    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Nickelodeon - Executive Assistant/Freelance Writer
"I have a small network in LA that I see a few times a year."
LaShawn Keyser              
Class of 2009    
Major: Theatre 
Barnard College - Associate Director of Academic Affairs                
"I learned how to work with all kinds of personalities with high stakes and deadlines. I was fast to learn how much to push my body and how to take care of it through crazy times to the end."
Lofton Durham
Class of 2009    
Major: MA and PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies
Western Michigan University - Associate Professor of Theatre, Graduate Affilate Faculty of the Medieval Institute               
"It was the perfect combination of rigorous scholarly training, plus encouraging me to do the practical work I was most interested in. The degrees I got at Pitt led directly to my current position and I could not be more grateful!”
Brenden Gallagher         
Class of 2009    
Major:  film, theater, writing      
Netflix - Television Writer          
"It was amazingly foundation in my work as an artist and prepared me for a career in film and TV.”
Mattie Moran                  
Class of 2009    
Major: Theatre Arts & Masters in Education        
Epic Systems - Implementation Director and Account Executive 
“The discipline, attention to detail, work ethic, team mentality, and transferable skills in managing one’s self and others, nurtured by the Stages program, are at the core of my day to day work. Today I manage transformative healthcare IT projects across the country, and I honed the skills I need to do that work during my time at Pitt Stages.”
Krystal Harwick                               
Class of 2010    
Major: English Literature              
Burns & McDonnell - Senior Public Involvement Specialist            
“Pitt Stages gave me valuable experience in project management, time management, team building, and technical skills that prepared me to excel in fast-paced and complex work environments.”
Mallory Fuccella         
Class of 2010    
Major: Theater and Communication Studies        
Self employed - Actor 
"It helped me become a more versatile artist. With 4 years of entirely different genres of plays, directors, and teams, it prepared me on how to collaborate with all different types of people.”
Dan Carr                             
Class of 2011    
Major: Theater Arts and Computer Science         
Cirque du Soleil Head of Visuals - Big Top 2020 (New show without a name yet)  
"* Taught me that treating others with respect, showing up on time, and keeping a level head during stressful situations is more important than having all the details figured out upfront.
* Connected me with a pretty wide array of people. Some of them I have lost touch with, but of those I still chat with would pretty much drop everything to help them out of a jam, and they would do the same for me.
* There was a pretty wide array of gear to play with, and while it rarely the very latest and greatest equipment, no one particularly cared what got taken apart as long as it got put back together. This is more helpful than one might guess, as it turns out that just because something *is* the latest and greatest does not mean that it does not need to be taken apart in the field - sometimes before the service manuals are even written."
Kathryn Zoerb
Class of 2011    
Major: Theatre & Music
Folger Theatre - Actor playing Katerina Cavalieri in Amadeus
"I had the opportunity of having a flexible yet structured education in theatre. I was able to study abroad, pursue the activities I thought most complemented my education, and receive a well rounded education in all things theatre. As a professional actor, I am so thankful I was required to take classes in more than just performance. In doing so, I gained a larger appreciation for every theatrical profession. Hail to Pitt!”
Julianne Avolio
Class of 2011    
Major: Theatre Arts      
Works with various companies around town included City Theatre, Bricolage, Pittsburgh CLO, etc. - AEA Actor      
"It put me in contact with people who are still part of my professional career like Sam Turich and Tamara Goldbogen. Annmarie also helped me get to SETC as the first Pitt student to attend, leading to my first professional job after school.”

Eve Bandi
Class of: 2011                            
Major:  Physics/Astronomy        
Self Employed   - Freelance Lighting Designer    
"Pitt was where I first took theatre classes and lighting design.”
Fred Pelzer        
Class of 2011    
Major:  Theater & Creative Writing          
Freelance/Northwestern University - Writer/Asst. Director of Employer Relations              
"As a writer continuing to create work for stage & film, Pitt Stages was instrumental in teaching me the fundamentals of drama and production. And in my day job I oversee many events which my time as an assistant stage manager gave me the tools to manage.”
Staci Blue (formerly Battista)    
Class of 2011    
Major: Theatre Arts        
SmithBucklin - Coordinator, Event Services          
"Taught me skills in multitasking, critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and so much more.”

Ashley Birt         
Class of 2011                           
Major:  Theatre Arts      
Rutgers Presbyterian Church -Pastoral Fellow for Youth and Families 
"Having a strong theatre background history background has made it possible for me to show how faith and drama have played together since the creation of both.  Having a theatre tech background has allowed me to integrate sound editing and sound/lighting design into worship in creative, meaningful ways.”
Rachel Morris   
Class of 2011    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Florida State University - Stage Manager for the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training           
"Pitt Stages gave me the education, training,  and degree that allowed me to pursue my career.”
George Moura 
Class of 2011    
Major:  Theater and Anthropology          
Animal Friends - Special Events Coordinator        
"Pitt Stages helped a lot in figuring out how to find a career I'd be good at in the arts. And while you didn't have any theater administration classes, the faculty and staff of the department were happy to help me, and continued to provide support and recommendations that landed me a full ride to graduate school and several of my first jobs in the theater industry. Although my career path has taken me away from the arts, I still use the production knowledge gained at Pitt in my of my everyday duties hosting events.”
Ben Coppola     
Class of 2012    
Major: Theatre Arts
University of Pennsylvania - Assistant building manager for the Perelman Quad event center/supervisor of performance spaces      
"Stage Managing with Pitt has strengthened me in communication, organization, delegation, time management and problem solving. These skills easily translate into my current career with events and conferences.”
Sarah Ivins         
Class of 2012    
Major: Theater & English              
Ars Nova - Marketing Manager 
"I gained the confidence and forged the connections that have helped me find success in NYC thanks to the teachers and students I met at Pitt.”
JC Bardzil            
Class of 2013    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Atlantic Theater Company - Technical Director   
"I practically still work for Pitt given the number of current and former Pitt students, staff and faculty that I work with. I have worked with at least one person from Pitt every year since graduation, and there has not been one job that I have applied for in which I did not have a Pitt connection on my resume.”
Amanda Leslie 
Class of 2013    
Major: Theatre
Design Foundry - Event Designer              
"As a theatre major I learned to work independently as well as collaboratively, think critically to solve problems, and work creatively within time, budget, and labor constraints. These skills have been assets in my career where I develop designs, suggest materials, collaborate with vendors and clients, maintain project budgets, and manage labor. My education as a student designer developed my ability to take ownership of challenges and responsibility for the outcomes. Through theatre criticism, design, and production classes I explored ways to successfully tell a story, how to communicate my ideas, and how to implement them. A theatre major offers more practical experience in collaboration, personal accountability, and project management than most people realize - valuable skills for anyone to have in any field.”

Ben Kaye            
Class of  2013                          
Major:  Theater Arts, Fiction Writing       
Red Tape Theatre - Managing Director   
"Pitt Stages crafted a program that gave me the freedom and agency to follow my passions and become a well-rounded theatermaker. With experience in design, tech, performance, and theatrical analysis, I was able to fail valiantly in an environment that set me up for success in the world of professional theatre. I also made connections with friends and artists that have lasted for the past decade, and beyond.”
Julie Anne Evans             
Class of 2013    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Sky Blue FC, National Women's Soccer League - Operations Manager      
"What I learned at Pitt, and through my work-study as a House Manager has translated in my current operations role in pro sports, where I have been for two years. My day to day is filled with the skills - hard and soft - that I developed while a student at the Department of Theatre Arts. Pro sports and theatre are incredibly similar models, and in some ways my ability to look at game day like a final theatrical product gives me advantages over my colleagues. I am grateful to my experiences as a student at UPTA!”

Emily Burst        
Class of 2014                          
Major:  Theater, Anthropology 
The Phoenix Symphony - Production & Stage Manager   
"Pitt Stages gave me the confidence to think for myself and build my own space in the industry. Thinking critically and compassionately about my position in any company or production are traits I developed through the theatre arts program.”
Alex Blanck                        
Class of 2014    
Major: Computer Engineering   
Amazon - Software Development Engineer         
“Theater taught me how to improvise and how to operate under pressure.”
Zoe Benditt                       
Clas of 2014      
Major: Theatre Arts        
The New Colony; Reading In Motion; freelance work -Community Engagement Manager, prev. Grant Writer; Donor Relations Coordinator; Dramaturg              
“Pitt Stages affected my career immensely! The learning philosophy in Pitt's theatre department is do learn while doing. I sat in Annmarie's office my first semester as a freshman and said that I wanted to stage manage. The following semester, I found myself stage managing a student lab production while taking Stage Management 1. Combining classroom learning with practical experience allowed me to actively explore different roles within theatre, gaining an understanding of my interests while building multiple skillsets. These skillsets have helped me land all kinds of jobs and work: production stage manager, dramaturg, assistant director, special events stage manager, grant writer, community engagement manager, and associate producer. I'm now based out of Chicago, where I work in the storefront theater scene, but spent time hopping around different summer internships while at Pitt.”
David Bisaha                     
Class of 2015    
Major: PhD        
Binghamton University, SUNY - Assistant Professor          
“The department was where I grew the most as a scholar, artist, and teacher.”

Ell Connally       
Class of  2015                          
Major:  Theatre Arts; French      
Duquesne University School of Law & the Office of the Public Defender - Law student, legal intern             
"My theatre education instilled confidence within me and the bravery to pursue my passions. Cynthia Croot introduced me to Augusto Boal and Theatre of the Oppressed, and my venture down that path unquestionably shaped my ideals of a servant leader and my commitment to justice.”

Christopher Barker         
Class of 2015                          
Major:  History 
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater - Assistant Master Electrician   
"Pretty much set me up in my current career and helped me get my first theater job. That singular opportunity opened so many doors down the road.”
Tim Kaniecki     
Class of 2015    
Major: Theatre arts, chemistry
Johns Hopkins Hospital - Internal medicine resident        
"Theatre has given me the tools to help communicate with patients and coworkers more effectively and developed my creative problem solving skills. Pitt Stages also provided me with leadership and multitasking skills that have helped me progress through grad school and now the workplace.”
Jenna Simmons            
Class of 2015    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Warner Brothers Television - Executive Assistant              
"I answered a blast e-mail from Pitt Stages asking for volunteers for a comedy festival hosted in the Pitt Stages theatre and ended up being introduced to a friend of a famous comedy manager in LA. They helped me get my first job with him, and his name recognition opened the door to my current job. Hail to Pitt!”
Monica Meyer 
Class of 2015    
Major: Theatre Arts, English Literature, Psychology          
NorthShore University HealthSystem - Associate Board & Events Manager     
"While theatre ultimately didn't end up being my career path, the skills I learned collaborating with others in the theatre space at Pitt are instrumental in my current work coordinating fundraising efforts across the young professionals volunteering board I now manage. There are strong personalities in fundraising and on volunteer boards, and where better to learn how to effectively work with strong personalities than in theatre! Additionally, I learned the value of project plans, early (and frequent!) communication, and sticking to deadlines. On a more visibly practical scale, I constantly find myself doing random technical theatre tasks at the fundraising events we hold, such as rewiring the lighting in a raffle display cabinet, troubleshooting microphone issues, and stage managing the lighting, sound, and projection cues during the remarks section of our most recent Benefit.”
Claire Syler        
Class of 2016    
Major: Theatre and Performance Studies PhD  
University of Missouri - Assistant Professor of Theatre
"My graduate education at the University of Pittsburgh prepared me to become an artist/scholar and, in turn, to support others who are interested in arts-based careers.”
Cassidy Davis    
Class of 2016    
Major:  Communication/Digital Media  
Freelance - Actor, Producer        
"It gave me a well rounded perspective that I get to use to pursue a career in acting!”
Becca Smith      
Class of  2016    
Major:  Theatre Arts / Communication & Rhetoric            
Round Room Presents (PJ Masks, Baby Shark, etc.) - Production Stage Manager  
"Pitt gave me a lot of opportunities to try my hand at a variety of different technical positions, which has given me better perspective as a PSM/PM. I was able to do and lead more than most of my peers from different universities and had the support of the faculty to do so and really expand my skill set. Being in Pittsburgh and working locally was also a big step forward and gave me more contacts and experience when seeking employment after graduation.”
Julian Stetkevych            
Class of 2016    
Major:  MFA Performance Pedagogy      
Christopher Newport University - Assistant Professor of Acting   
"Pitt’s MFA program provided me with a strong foundation and wealth of experience to enter into the academic job market.”
Tyler Bensen    
Class of 2017    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Feld Entertainment - Disney on Ice - Head Carpenter      
"Pitt Stages provided me with the tools, knowledge, and network that I needed to launch my career.”
Lauryn Morgan Thomas               
Class of 2017    
Major:  Theatre Arts/English Fiction Writing        
Currently working at the McCarter Theatre in A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Actor, teaching artist  
"Pitt taught me so much about myself as an artist, and staying true to who I am and my integrity. It also taught me about professionalism, how to be present in a rehearsal room, but also how not to take anything too seriously and enjoy the time.”
Alexa Moore     
Class of 2017    
Major: Environmental Studies  
US Environmental Protection Agency  - Federal Contractor           
"I’ve used the skills I learned as an actor to help me be successful in an office environment. I find myself often on the floor of my cubicle doing breathing exercises. Pitt Stages helped craft me into the leader I am today.”
Louis Markowitz             
Class of 2017    
Major: Theatre and English Literature   
NYU Grad Acting, Prototype Festival, Atlantic Theater Company, Glimmerglass Festival - Freelance PSM 
"It's absolutely given me the skills that allow me to work as a professional SM. I was able to do things at Pitt that gave me the courage to tackle things I've never done before. Most importantly, Pitt Stages helped me to truly love what I do.”
Benjamin McClymont   
Class of 2017    
Major:  Theatre/Japanese          
Helen O'Grady Drama Academy - Performance Teacher 
"Pitt Stages and my experience with the faculty, staff, and my fellow students single handedly gave me the confidence, drive, and clarity needed to genuinely pursue my dream of performance and directing.  I would never be where I am today, in Shanghai, China as a guest artist at an international youth theatre training company without my time with Pitt Stages.  I miss it with my whole heart and wouldn't trade it for the world.”
Clair Kronk                         
Class of 2017    
Major: Bioinformatics    
University of Cincinnati School of Medicine - PhD Candidate        
“I never thought there was any way I would get on stage in a university environment. Many times I felt like an outsider to the program, until I met and became friends with Louis Markowitz. I would have never auditioned for my first show, Avenue Q, if Lauryn Thomas hadn't pushed me to. And ultimately, by the end of my last year, the theatre graduation had way more impact on me than my own major's graduation ever could have. I made lifelong friends who pushed me to be a better person, to go outside my comfort zone, and to reconsider so much about myself. I was so closeted and theatre gave me a space to just be with people. Theatre was one of the only parts of college I looked forward to. It inspires. Always. I don't think I ever could have come out without theatre as part of my college life; I don't think I could've gotten to where I am professionally without it either. There's something that it just teaches you about holding yourself and faking it until you're making it that has led me to always reach up without fear of failure; to never settle or back down from a challenge. Simply put: I wouldn't be who I am today without the Pitt theatre community. It changed my life for the better.”
Leenie Baker                     
Class of 2017    
Major: Theatre Arts, Political Science, English Writing      
(Respectively) Havaya Arts; working for Larissa FastHorse; Culinary Kids Academy; Open Temple; Kehillat Israel; Compass Education Group - Community Outreach Director; Playwright Associate; Educator; Lead Instructor; 2nd Grade Teacher; ACT/SAT Tutor  
"I learned (while performing in 8 shows with Pitt Stages, lighting designing a main stage show, writing a lab show, stage managing a musical and lighting designing a musical) that my favorite part of the creative process is the table work. Also, at Pitt I needed to triple major in order to feel fulfilled in my inquiry. The answers can never be found in just one line of questioning in my experience.
It took just a couple months in LA to reaffirm that my spirit is not fed through acting in student films, the grind of audition, etc (which, for some of my friends, it totally is--and that's amazing!). I learned that I love more than anything to be a part of a collaborative process, to help lift up voices.
Just like in college, I've found that a single position does not leave me energized and happy at the end of the day. Pitt Stages taught me how to balance a lot of different responsibilities. Now, I teach, I write, I study, I research, I do all sorts of creative expression. Education has always been really important to me, and now I have multiple positions where I can actively expand access to creative and arts-based education in both secular and Jewish environments. I also volunteer with two awesome education organizations which help expand access to underserved communities in LA.
A couple exciting specifics:
Annmarie tagged me in a Facebook post on the Women+ in Theatre page that Larissa FastHorse was looking for an intern. Now, two years later, I still work with Larissa in a paid position, helping with research, archival, and administration tasks. She's an amazing activist who is having phenomenal success right now, and also continues to be a mentor for me. In October, she came to my first LA reading of a new full-length play, which was very special.
I am becoming increasingly invested in the new-work community in LA (which is THRIVING, by the way. If you have any students who are interested to learn more, I'm happy to chat). I received a Max K. Lerner Fellowship this year and had my first development lab in LA in October at Inkwell Theater. I am now also part of the NEXT Arts Council at the Jewish Women's Theater, where I am on the Literary track. The Council will be putting together a salon-style show over the course of the year based on general submissions, which I read, decide which pieces get performed, and weave into a cohesive story.
This is a long way of saying that Pitt Stages has deeply affected my trajectory after college. The program never put me in a box and always encouraged my artistic expansion and growth over time. More than anything though, even though I had three majors, Pitt Stages was always my home--from literally the second week of school. I made my best friends in Pitt Stages, had my biggest ups and downs, and always felt ""held"" by the brilliant and empathetic teachers and staff.”
Joe Spinogatti                  
Class of 2017    
Major: Theatre Arts, Information Science             
Joe Spinogatti Designs | Theatrical Concepts       Creative Director (JSD) | Designer, Project Manager, Draftsperson               
“To make a very long story short, without falling into the Theatre Department at Pitt, I'm not really sure if I would even be working in theatre or the arts today. Going to my first USITT meeting of the Pitt Student chapter started a path that has opened almost every single door so far in my career.”
Riley Galvin                       
Class of 2017    
Major: Communications, Theatre Arts    
EMC Research, Inc. - Analyst      
"My education through Pitt Theatre has been invaluable to me in more ways than one. This past summer, I joined a local theatre company as an apprentice. With the well-rounded education from Pitt being both onstage and offstage in a variety of positions, I was able to fill a multitude of roles as needed (for instance, I ended up working as assistant director, choreographer, sound designer, and sound technician for one production). At Pitt, I organized and assisted with the first and second Playwriting Festivals with the Performance Collaborative; now I will be producing and directing a playwriting festival with the same theatre company this upcoming spring."
"Pitt Stages has also helped me outside of theatre. After getting a master’s degree in political science from another university, I moved to Ohio to work as an analyst for a political research firm. Without much work experience in this field, I was able to succeed in this new position from the skills I learned through Pitt theatre – from leadership to working under pressure to being flexible when things hit the fan."
Jose Perez IV                     
Class of 2017    
Performance Pedagogy VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System - Simulation Educator 
“Acquiring an MFA in Performance Pedagogy with Pitt Theatre opened many doors for me. The time spent in the program sharpened and expanded my skill set, allowing me to consider a wide range of opportunities that put my talents to good use. While the focus of the program was theatre performance, the tools I gained have been applicable across many disciplines.”
Polina Pomytkina                           
Class of 2018    
Biology Austin Independent School District - Science Special Education Teacher  
“Pitt Stages gave me a wide variety of experience and knowledge, both on and off the stage, that has been invaluable in my career as a teacher. I apply my stage management skills every day when interacting with students, coworkers and parents. My theatre fun facts are very entertaining and engaging for my students, and I have enjoyed contributing to the theatre department at my current school.”
Kevin McConville                           
Class of 2018    
Major: Theatre Arts        
Gulfshore Playhouse - Production Stage Manager             
“Provided me the knowledge, experience, training, and connections necessary for a high-level career in the arts.”
Brittany Bara    
Class of 2018    
Major:  MFA Performance Pedagogy     
Southern Arkansas University - Director of Theatre/Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre
"It allowed me to translate my performance skills into effective teaching and directing skills.  I absolutely wouldn't be able to do my job today without the experience and support of Pitt Stages and the faculty mentorship from the Theatre Department.”
Lea Marie Bosilovich     
Class of 2018    
Major:  Theatre Arts      
The Public Theatre - Master Electrician  
"They gave me the tools and skills necessary to go out and start a successful career in technical theater immediately after graduation.”
Alec Davis          
Class of 2018    
Major: Marketing          
Construction Junction/City Theatre Company - Social media coordinator/box office associate       
"Pitt stages made me realize that I could work in theatre and it doesn’t necessarily need to be as a performer. I’m currently working in the box office at City Theatre in the South Side and hope to continue my career on the administration side of Theatre.”
Alex Dittmar     
Class of 2018    
Major: Theatre and Political Science       
Arden Theatre Company - Development Coordinator      
"Pitt Stages allowed me to find my love for theatre. When arriving at Pitt, I had no intention of working in the arts. But from the moment I walked into Intro to Performance with Ricardo I felt that urge to pursue theatre. Every single professor inspired my passions and helped expand my mind to include all aspects of theatre. It made me a better artist and someone who can contribute not just onstage but backstage, and now as a full time arts administrator.”

Gabrielle Kogut
Class of  2018                          
Major:  Theatre Arts; Communication Science & Disorders           
McCarter Theatre Center; Wolf Performing Arts Center; West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts - Freelance Actor & Teaching Artist             
"Pitt Stages provided me the support, instilled the confidence, and inspired the ambition I needed to truly make my passion my career. If it weren’t for Pitt Stages, it never would have even occurred to me that I could become a professional actor. But through this program, I quickly learned that nothing brings me greater joy than telling stories. I graduated knowing that this is what I am meant to do. And I’ve never looked back.”

Bradley Keller  
Class of 2018                           
Major:  Theatre Arts      
Warner brothers/Rail Events - Actor        
"It helped set me up with a multitude of connections that have lead to many job opportunities.”

Rachel Lipton   
Class of 2018                           
Major:  Theatre Arts      
Roundabout Theatre Company - Facilities and Theatre Operations Assistant         
"Pitt Stages taught me about many hidden careers in the theater industry,  emphasizing a wholistic experience and perspective of theatre I otherwise would not have had.”

Laura Valenti    
Class of  2018                          
Major:  Theatre Arts, Business  
Jason Ardizzone-West (NYC Set Designer) - Assistant Set Designer (also freelance scenic designer & scenic artist at various theatres)            
"Pitt Stages has given me so many opportunities to grow as a theatre practitioner and as a person. I was given multiple opportunities to design, paint, stage manage, perform, and do just about anything I had an interest in, which created multifaceted skills for myself. I have utilized these skills in the professional world and am thankful Pitt Stages laid the basis of my theatre foundation. Still to this day Pitt Stages has helped me as many of our faculty members are still a huge resource to me. Whether it’s job opportunities or needing advice on a design I’m doing or life advice in general, the faculty and staff at Pitt stages are always looking out for current and alumni students.”
Sarah Kwiatek  
Class of 2019    
Major:  Psychology        
Duke University - Research Associate     
"My involvement with Pitt Stages most certainly had a lasting impact on the person and professional I am today. While I have not gone on to pursue acting or directing professionally (as of now), the skills I learned while working with my professors and peers in Theatre Arts are applicable to aspects of my life I did not anticipate. My background in theatre has taught me many lessons, but for now, I will name just a few: the ability, willingness, and even eagerness to seek and listen to criticism; the ability to work with a team and push through challenges and difficult conversations; the ability to lead and utilize my own voice; the ability to seek, accept, and invite perspectives different from my own; the ability to truly listen to others (and not just wait for their response); and finally, the ability to see beauty in both failures and successes. This list could go on and on. My ultimate point here is that obtaining a degree in theatre is useful for any and everyone. It teaches you skills that you will utilize no matter what career you pursue and will even touch your personal development in ways you may not even realize.”
Chloe Torrence
Class of 2019    
Major:  Theatre Arts, Music (but, alas, i dropped my music major at the last minute)        
Assistant Director (PCPA) Artistic Director (The Actor's Playground) Teaching Artist (Children's Creative Project)     
"Pitt Stages gave me the opportunities I needed to cultivate my skills for this field.   I wouldn't be where I am now without the skills I developed or the connections I made while at Pitt.”
Maria Enriquez
Class of 2019    
Major:  PhD Theatre Arts             
Penn State Harrisburg - Assistant Teaching Professor of Theatre
"Yes. My time at Pitt has prepared me for an academic career and sharpened my work as a scholar. I was also supported in my performance projects, and because of the Irvis Fellowship and Summer Grants that I received, I continued my training as a deviser. This bolstered my artistry and made me more competitive once I entered the job market.”

Sophie Rice       
Class of  2019                          
Major: Psychology and Theatre arts       
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh - Arts and making educator       
"I believe I got hired because of my Theatre background specifically and the museum’s next big exhibit being on puppets. The education director also had a conversation with me where he says he loves hiring Theatre people because they know how to improvise and interact with people in a more meaningful way.”

Sarah Fling        
Class of 2019                           
Major:  History 
White House Historical Association - 2019-2020 Historian fellowship
"I have used my theatre experience in every job interview I've had as proof of experience working with and speaking in front of others, and for my career in history, I've described my experiences in world theatre classes as well as historical research for shows like Hair.
Alexis Primus
Class of 2019    
Major:  Communication
Through the 4th Wall - Actor/Ensemble Member         
"Pitt Stages set a standerd of professionalism and a steady work ethic that I maintain months later.  I expect nothing less from myself and the people I work with when it comes to delivering quality work and consistently working on my craft.”
Jessica Israel     
Class of 2019    
Major: Theatre 
University of Hawaii - Graduate Student               
"The faculty at Pitt were a huge help in getting me into the program I am in now.”
Rachel DeSoto-Jackson
Class of 2010
BPhil; 2015 MFA, MA        
Major:  Theatre and Film Studies             
Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Applied Theatre  
"The wealth of knowledge and practical experience I gained as an undergraduate prepared me for graduate education which I elected to also complete at Pitt given the program's emphasis on joint research and practice. I would not be where I am today without this program!”

Unknown Graduation Year

Kaitie Hughes
Class of                             
Major:  Math    
Palm Beach Opera - Props Coordinator  
"Pitt Stages gave me my introduction to technical theatre, illuminating the possibility of turning my passion into a career. I am where I am today because of that start.”
Jackie Fox          
Class of                           
Northwestern University - Graduate student      
"Pitt Stages is the reason I am in graduate school! Without the resources I gained at Pitt I wouldn’t be pursuing my career as a theatre artist.”
Ari Baker            
Class of:                              
Major:  Theatre Arts and History              
William Penn Charter School - Theatre Manager         
"Pitt Stages launched my professional theatre career. I've worked full time in theatre arts based positions since my graduation and have loved every minute of it.